43 Years 1980 - 2023

Founded in 1980 by Alfred Okoigun, ARCO is a wholly indigenous company which started business as the sole Nigerian representative of Nuovo Pignone SPA, the Italian Government owned manufacturer of Steam/Gas Turbines, Gas compressors & Pumps.

After establishing its relationship with General Electric, ARCO pursued and ultimately developed similar relationships with other reputable international organisations such as: Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea, Japan Steel Works of Japan, Global Industries of the U.S.A, and Serck Audco Valves of the U.K, to name a few. As the company has grown, it has continually responded to the changes in the international corporate world. ARCO has diversified its operations, expanding from its traditional maintenance engineering support services and venturing into Marine Logistics, Pipelines & facilities Inspection, property development and recently consumer power generation.

Following experiences of the last thirty five (35) years of its corporate existence, ARCO has migrated from a company run by an individual to a group of companies run by competent & tested professionals who are stakeholders in the subsidiaries they manage.